Long Beach Time Exchange Marks Four Years, Sun. 9/28


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This month marks four years of Long Beach Time Exchange members sharing their skills and talents with one another through time banking—a system where time, not money, is the unit of exchange.


On Sunday, September 28th, the Long Beach Time Exchange will host a
four-year anniversary celebration at MAYE Center (2153 E Anaheim St.)
in Long Beach from 2pm to 4:30pm. This free event will showcase
services and skills offered by time-exchange members and will include
food, live music by local Spanish fusion band Romero Y Perez and
hip-hop artist The Natives, and information about how time banking
works in Long Beach.

Some of the skills being shared include:
-Herbal Bath Bags by Julie James
-Recycled Art Workshop by Hillary and Chris Wheeler
-Tarot Card Readings by Tehani Sarreal
-Worm Composting with Foodscape LB
-Singing/Toning Exercise by Lynda Arnold
-Belly Dancing by Jenny Ahn

Over the last four years, Long Beach Time Exchange has grown into a
sharing network with over 730 members who have exchanged nearly 12,000
hours of service with one another. When a member does something to
help another member, she or he earns “time credits” for the amount of
time spent. That member can then spend his or her time credits with
anyone else in the time-exchange network.

“We encourage members to share their diverse skill sets through
individual exchanges as well as group learning through member-led
workshops centering wellness, cooking, and learning languages, said
Micaela Salatino, membership coordinator with Long Beach Time Exchange
and Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach. “The anniversary
celebration is another great opportunity to honor the creativity and
rich cultural diversity of Long Beach’s residents.”

Laura McMillin, founder of MAYE Center said, “MAYE integrates
meditation, agriculture, yoga and education to cultivate self-healing,
resiliency, and well-being in the heart of Cambodia Town. The
resiliency that has already been demonstrated by Cambodian refugees is
an essential key to creating and building a healthier Long Beach.
We’re glad to host this event as an organizational member of the
time-exchange network.”

“All community members are welcome to attend. It’s a great event for
people to connect with others in the community and find out how to
become part of this network of neighbors helping neighbors,” said
Karen Sok, Long Beach Time Exchange steering committee member.

MAYE Center pic


Cambodian New Year pic
Foodscape LB pic
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The Natives street
Photos above are of the MAYE Center, LBTE at the Cambodian New Year Parade, Foodscape Long Beach, Romero Y Perez, and The Natives.

For questions, please contact Micaela Salatino, Long Beach Time Exchange Membership coordinator, at (562) 786-6081 or lbtimeexchange@gmail.com

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