Dare to Share Challenge

The Dare to Share Exchange Challenge is a fun way to encourage members to get active in time banking again. All members are invited to participate. The member with the most points will be recognized at our Summer Gathering and receive a special prize.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

First – make sure your hOurworld profile is up to date. (Remember: you’ll earn a point for logging on and updating.)

Ways to earn points:

Member to Member Exchanges (MM)

These are exchanges between individual members, not organizations. For example: Sarah needs help preparing her garden for summer. She posts a request on hOurWorld. Mike sees the requests, contacts Sarah and says, “I can help.”  Mike spends 3 hours one Saturday afternoon helping Sarah with her garden. He earns 3 time credits to “spend” on other services AND both Mike and Sarah get 1 point towards the Challenge. Added bonus: Mike met some really cool folks that Saturday.

Member to Organization Exchanges (MO)

Your LBTE has over 50 affiliated member organizations. Every time you volunteer (exchange) with an organization you earn hour for hour time credit, plus 1 point towards the Challenge. Example: Jason volunteers at Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC) twice a week for 2 hours. Each week LBIRC logs 4 hours to his Time Bank, and Jason gets 2 points towards the challenge.

Help us with the exchange challenge

Got an exchange experience you’d like to share? We are collecting member testimonials (like the one above) on time banking to help promote the event, as well as pictures of your exchange in action. Send us an email to submit your story and earn an extra point!

The picky details:

 Only exchanges completed during the Exchange Challenge (May, June, July) will count towards the winning total.

 Members are responsible for logging their own exchanges. Remember, EITHER party can log the exchange.  If you need assistance, please contact us.

 Please make sure LBTE has your correct email and phone number.

 Exchanges completed but NOT logged onto hOurworld cannot count towards the challenge.

Questions? Contact us! lbtimeexchange(at)gmail.com | 562 786 6081