Repair Cafe Fall 2018 Summary

THANK YOU to all who participated, volunteered, shared their skills and tools, baked delicious brownies (Iris) and attended our last Repair Cafe! And a very important thank you as well to those who saved and brought in their broken items instead of throwing them away! Over 70 broken items were brought in, of those 52 were repaired successfully, and another 13 were repaired to a degree and attendees also received advice from our experts on how to go about ordering parts needed to get their items fixed.

“Victor Santos was a great help, he really went the extra mile to see what the problem was. Unfortunately my Ninja blender was not fixable but my Kuerig still has hope. I hope to have the kill switch part next time when we come back so he can try to fix it again.” Rosa Delarocha

“Bruna repaired 6 of my clothes with holes – Thank you! She even reinforced some vintage clothing so it wouldn’t rip again. This is an awesome event, so helpful – very much appreciated! Nancy Woo

Repair Cafe Fall 2018_Fotor_Collage.jpg