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2018 Recap, Next Repair Cafe & More!

2018 Recap Collage.jpg

This year has been filled with many great gifts and connections! From individual exchanges between neighbors, to over 20 learning groups and Repair Cafes. Together we completed over 200 exchanges, totalling over 500 hours of service as well as repaired 165 broken items! Our group events included 4 cooking classes, a self-defense class for women, a 3 month long yoga class series at Drake Park, 4 Repair Cafes and coordinating the annual People’s State of the City event with our organizational partners. Besides relaying information and sharing our story via social media, we also knocked on over 3,100 doors to let neighbors know about the exciting community events that were happening in their neighborhood!

Our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, especially the members who gave their time and shared their skills by planning, teaching, and making repairs! We would also like to send a special thank you to our team of leaders, who keep things moving along…we are so grateful for you, Debra Walker, Derald Tucker, Erin Foley, Gloria Colazo, Kathleen O’Daniels, Olivia Marquez and Rondii Colson!

In 2019 we will jump right back into planning even more community time-banking events. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Let us know what you would like to learn or what you would like to teach – or any other exciting visions you may have for our organization.

Because of each and every one of you, LBTE has grown and evolved throughout our 8 year tenure and is able to continue to offer our network of skills, resources, and opportunities to the community going forward. We are grateful for your participation and support and so proud of the work we have done together!

While the LBTE runs on time dollars, the rest of the world hasn’t caught up (yet!) and we are in need of monetary funds to help sustain operating costs for our office and to pay staff. We ask that all members that can consider making their annual membership donation before the end of the year. All donations are tax-deductible. The suggested donation is $30, or $15 for students and seniors – but any amount helps and will be accepted gratefully!

Click here to make your online donation.

To pay by check or money order, please make payable to “Community Partners f.b.o. LBTE” and mail to: PO BOX 40151 Long Beach, CA 90804

Thank you for your support. The Long Beach Time Exchange could not exist without you!

Have a cheerful and safe holiday season!


Your LBTE Team!

Pop-up Repair Cafe Feb 2019 - Save the Date


Repair Cafe Fall 2018 Summary

THANK YOU to all who participated, volunteered, shared their skills and tools, baked delicious brownies (Iris) and attended our last Repair Cafe! And a very important thank you as well to those who saved and brought in their broken items instead of throwing them away! Over 70 broken items were brought in, of those 52 were repaired successfully, and another 13 were repaired to a degree and attendees also received advice from our experts on how to go about ordering parts needed to get their items fixed.

“Victor Santos was a great help, he really went the extra mile to see what the problem was. Unfortunately my Ninja blender was not fixable but my Kuerig still has hope. I hope to have the kill switch part next time when we come back so he can try to fix it again.” Rosa Delarocha

“Bruna repaired 6 of my clothes with holes – Thank you! She even reinforced some vintage clothing so it wouldn’t rip again. This is an awesome event, so helpful – very much appreciated! Nancy Woo

Repair Cafe Fall 2018_Fotor_Collage.jpg

Get Involved!

Your Long Beach Time Exchange is growing and expanding and we are looking for members who would like to step up to leadership positions and help guide the TE into new and exciting frontiers. If you have always wanted to get more involved with your community, meet your neighbors, and be “in the know” for all things Long Beach, then becoming a Time Exchange Ambassador, Connector, or Educator is for you. See below for a brief description of each committee, then click on the link to apply!
Ambassadors Committee
The mission of the LBTE’s Ambassadors Committee is to increase awareness about interest and membership in the Time Exchange. Ambassadors do outreach by tabling at events, leading presentations, and community outreach. Members will gain a greater understanding of Long Beach’s diverse neighborhoods, community organizations, and events. You will have opportunities to develop your public speaking and community building skills.

We are looking for members who have the ability and desire to:

  • Communicate confidently and mindfully with diverse members of the community.
  • Adapt to different contexts and situations and show the potential time banking offers.
  • Speak from experience about using time banking personally, or through an organization.

Key areas of team’s responsibility:

  • Developing criteria and strategies for outreach.
  • Coordinating and taking part in outreach opportunities (tabling at events, canvassing, presentations to neighborhood groups, organizations, etc.)
  • Contacting other LBTE members who might be interested in helping out and getting involved.

What you’ll gain:

  • Learning more about Long Beach geography, residents, community organizations, and groups.
  • Developing and practicing public-speaking skills
  • The satisfaction of making a tangible impact by expanding the time-banking movement in Long Beach

Time commitment: 4-8 hours per month spent representing LBTE at community events and meetings, or conducting outreach one-on-one’s.  Terms are 1 year with possible renewal.

To apply, click here to view and fill out the application.

Community Connectors Committee
While Ambassadors bring in new members, the mission of the Community Connectors is to help increase exchanges between existing members. Our recent Dare to Share campaign was born in this committee. Connectors brainstorm ways to make it easier for members to connect, share and exchange, as well as welcome new members. You will gain a greater understanding of time-banking along with the satisfaction of helping members connect with one another.

We are looking for members who love to help others connect, and:

  • Are good listeners
  • Have the ability to communicate confidently and mindfully with diverse members of the community
  • Are ONE (or more) of the following:
    • Tech savvy; OR
    • Great face-to-face communicators; OR
    • Skilled on-the-phone communicators; OR
    • Have strong writing and editing skills

Key areas of team’s responsibility:

  • Developing strategies for connecting members to one another, including helping members with:
    • Posting and searching for offers and requests in hOurworld
    • Finding matches in the network
    • Navigating operating system so offers/requests are posted and current
    • Providing orientation to new members
    • Helping offline members stay active and informed

What you’ll gain:

  • A good sense of the assets and needs in the community
  • The satisfaction of making helpful matches for members who might not have been able to connect otherwise.

Time commitment: 4-8 hours per month spent helping members connect to one another, making phone calls and helping to welcome new members. Terms are 1 year with possible renewal.
To apply, click here to view and fill out the application.

Learning Committee
The Learning Committee is responsible for planning and launching workshops and events for members and the community. Committee members create multi-cultural spaces/events where learning, connectivity and sharing can take place; cooking classes, wellness, art, and small community potlucks are a few examples of the events this committee would lead. You will gain event planning experience and the satisfaction of helping others bring their gifts to a wider audience.


We are looking for members who have the ability or desire to:

  • Bring people together to learn about various topics
  • Create multi-cultural spaces/events where learning, connectivity and sharing can take place
  • Have experience in writing press releases and/or social media
  • Event planning/logistics experience

Key areas of team’s responsibility:

  • Planning and coordinating groups exchanges, community/learning events and LBTE quarterly gatherings
  • Identifying topics for workshops/learning events
  • Finding individuals to teach workshops and volunteers

What you’ll gain:

  • Event planning experience
  • The satisfaction of creating a learning space and seeing what connections are made there and beyond, including your own.

Time commitment: 4-8 hours per month spent representing LBTE at community events and meetings, or conducting outreach one-on-one’s.  Terms are 1 year with possible renewal.

To apply, click here to view and fill out the application.


Be a part in growing the time exchange! Become an Ambassador, Connector or Educator and share your voice, your vision, and your energy with our community!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Micky Salatino:

Repair Cafe Results!

unnamed (1)

  • Great collaborations with the LB Main Public Library, The Studio MakerSpace and Squeeze Art Collective!
  • Total of 63 repairs were worked on!
  • 13 volunteer experts/repairers plus 7 general volunteers, and 3 library staff!
  • Total volunteer hours: 88.75!

Dare to Share Challenge

The Dare to Share Exchange Challenge is a fun way to encourage members to get active in time banking again. All members are invited to participate. The member with the most points will be recognized at our Summer Gathering and receive a special prize.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

First – make sure your hOurworld profile is up to date. (Remember: you’ll earn a point for logging on and updating.)

Ways to earn points:

Member to Member Exchanges (MM)

These are exchanges between individual members, not organizations. For example: Sarah needs help preparing her garden for summer. She posts a request on hOurWorld. Mike sees the requests, contacts Sarah and says, “I can help.”  Mike spends 3 hours one Saturday afternoon helping Sarah with her garden. He earns 3 time credits to “spend” on other services AND both Mike and Sarah get 1 point towards the Challenge. Added bonus: Mike met some really cool folks that Saturday.

Member to Organization Exchanges (MO)

Your LBTE has over 50 affiliated member organizations. Every time you volunteer (exchange) with an organization you earn hour for hour time credit, plus 1 point towards the Challenge. Example: Jason volunteers at Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC) twice a week for 2 hours. Each week LBIRC logs 4 hours to his Time Bank, and Jason gets 2 points towards the challenge.

Help us with the exchange challenge

Got an exchange experience you’d like to share? We are collecting member testimonials (like the one above) on time banking to help promote the event, as well as pictures of your exchange in action. Send us an email to submit your story and earn an extra point!

The picky details:

 Only exchanges completed during the Exchange Challenge (May, June, July) will count towards the winning total.

 Members are responsible for logging their own exchanges. Remember, EITHER party can log the exchange.  If you need assistance, please contact us.

 Please make sure LBTE has your correct email and phone number.

 Exchanges completed but NOT logged onto hOurworld cannot count towards the challenge.

Questions? Contact us! lbtimeexchange(at) | 562 786 6081

Upcoming Events

Noche Bilingüe de Lotería / Bilingual Lottery Night

loteria mexicana 4

(Español abajo)
The English/Spanish Conversation Group presents:
Bilingual Lottery Night
Wednesday, Sept. 16th from 6:00-7:30pm
Location: Building Healthy Communities
920 Atlantic Ave. #102, LB 90813

On this evening, we will be having fun and playing a game called “Loteria” which means lottery. Loteria is a latin game that originated in Mexico and it’s very similar to bingo. Come and play with us!

This event is for all levels of Spanish and English learners. Children are welcome.

*Earn 1 time credit for bringing a friend and another one for bringing a dish or snacks to share.

The event is also free to the public. RSVP is required at: (562) 786-6081 /
* * * * * * * * * * *

El Grupo de Conversación en Ingles/Español presenta:

Noche Bilingüe de Lotería
Miercoles 16 de Septiembre
Lugar: Building Healthy Communities
920 Atlantic Ave. #102, LB 90813

En esta noche estaremos divirtiéndonos y jugando el juego llamodo Loteria. Este juego Latino origino en Mexico y es similar al bingo. Venga a jugar con nosotros!

El evento es para personas que hablan cualquiera de los 2 idiomas a cualquier nivel! Niños son bienvenidos!

*Gane 1 crédito de tiempo por traer a un/a amigo/a y por traer un plato de comida para compartir.

El evento es gratis para el público. Tiene que responder con anticipación al: (562) 786-6081 /



LB Time Exchange’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration !!

Save the date. More info coming soon!

In the meantime, we are looking for performers and people to share/teach skills. Please contact us if you are interested!
* * * * * * * * *
Aniversario de 5 Años del Banco de Tiempo de LB !!

Guarde la fecha. Mas info pronto!

Mientras, estamos buscando artistas, músicos y gente que quiera compartir/enseñar sus habilidades. Por favor contactamos si estas interesado!


Workshop on Genealogy will be offered in late October, stay tuned!

Taller sobre Genealogía será ofrecido a finales de octubre, manténgase al tanto!


Long Beach Time Exchange Marks Four Years, Sun. 9/28


lbte-logo-press (1)

This month marks four years of Long Beach Time Exchange members sharing their skills and talents with one another through time banking—a system where time, not money, is the unit of exchange.


On Sunday, September 28th, the Long Beach Time Exchange will host a
four-year anniversary celebration at MAYE Center (2153 E Anaheim St.)
in Long Beach from 2pm to 4:30pm. This free event will showcase
services and skills offered by time-exchange members and will include
food, live music by local Spanish fusion band Romero Y Perez and
hip-hop artist The Natives, and information about how time banking
works in Long Beach.

Some of the skills being shared include:
-Herbal Bath Bags by Julie James
-Recycled Art Workshop by Hillary and Chris Wheeler
-Tarot Card Readings by Tehani Sarreal
-Worm Composting with Foodscape LB
-Singing/Toning Exercise by Lynda Arnold
-Belly Dancing by Jenny Ahn

Over the last four years, Long Beach Time Exchange has grown into a
sharing network with over 730 members who have exchanged nearly 12,000
hours of service with one another. When a member does something to
help another member, she or he earns “time credits” for the amount of
time spent. That member can then spend his or her time credits with
anyone else in the time-exchange network.

“We encourage members to share their diverse skill sets through
individual exchanges as well as group learning through member-led
workshops centering wellness, cooking, and learning languages, said
Micaela Salatino, membership coordinator with Long Beach Time Exchange
and Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach. “The anniversary
celebration is another great opportunity to honor the creativity and
rich cultural diversity of Long Beach’s residents.”

Laura McMillin, founder of MAYE Center said, “MAYE integrates
meditation, agriculture, yoga and education to cultivate self-healing,
resiliency, and well-being in the heart of Cambodia Town. The
resiliency that has already been demonstrated by Cambodian refugees is
an essential key to creating and building a healthier Long Beach.
We’re glad to host this event as an organizational member of the
time-exchange network.”

“All community members are welcome to attend. It’s a great event for
people to connect with others in the community and find out how to
become part of this network of neighbors helping neighbors,” said
Karen Sok, Long Beach Time Exchange steering committee member.

MAYE Center pic


Cambodian New Year pic
Foodscape LB pic
Romero y Perez pic
The Natives street
Photos above are of the MAYE Center, LBTE at the Cambodian New Year Parade, Foodscape Long Beach, Romero Y Perez, and The Natives.

For questions, please contact Micaela Salatino, Long Beach Time Exchange Membership coordinator, at (562) 786-6081 or

Helpful Links:

“Long Beach Time Exchange” on Facebook
@LBTE on Twitter
@LBTimeExchange on Instagram