New App Connects Local Skills

The Long Beach Time Exchange recently joined the Seva Exchange network!

SevaX is a mobile app that uses the exchange of time-based currency

Long Beach Time Exchange, Long Beach’s largest sharing network has seen renewed interest in neighbors helping neighbors during Covid-19.

From thousands of face coverings created during the onset of the pandemic, to an online skill sharing marathon, LBTE has aimed to help harness community power even though capacities have been severely diminished.

The network, formed in 2009 by a cohort of 24 community members, now sits at around 200 members who share skills and services for time instead of money. Every hour is worth a credit that can be spent anywhere in the network.

For several years, Hourworld has served as the primary online platform for skill exchange. It’s given members a way to bank their “time credit balance” alongside posting offers, requests, and messaging other members securely. The new SevaX app allows new and old members (it’s free to join, by the way) to connect with even more ease, and a much improved user experience.

In addition to the functions listed above, the Long Beach Time Exchange’s SevaX hub is organized into several useful groups that can help share resources as the Pandemic continues – Civic engagement, community wellness, education support, household projects, repair community, arts and culture, food access, and workshop exchange. It also allows for exchange of goods, and community events.

“The hope is that we can help direct community efforts to build resilience during what’s expected to be a long recession” explained Tony Damico, the co-founder and interim project director. “The ability for communities to co-power one another through tough times has always been a staple of the many diverse cultural backgrounds of Long Beach residents, but we’re often left without good platforms to do that. Or, we work within small enclaves when we could expand resilience across neighborhoods and communities city-wide. Our network aims to break through and weave communities rooted in respect and trust.”

This year, the organization has goals to grow their membership, seek local business and foundation support, and find new, enriching ways to spend time credits through local partnerships. Use the links below to check out the app, apply for free to join the time bank, and reach out to the project director.