Time-banking in Context

The Context for Time Banking

Time banking was initially developed in 1980 by law professor Edgar Cahn in response to severe cuts in government funding for social programs. With less money available to address social problems and public welfare concerns, time banking created a new type of money, one that would acknowledge the work that goes into building healthy and empowered communities.

The core values of time banking (as articulated by TimeBanks USA) include recognizing that everyone has something to give, acknowledging that some work is beyond price, and practicing reciprocity, interdependence, and respect in a community network.

The services exchanged through the Long Beach Time Exchange are core functions for a healthy society— childcare, transportation, eldercare, household repairs, homework help, Spanish and ESL classes, cooking, respite care, office assistance, tutoring, yard work, small business development, companionship, housecleaning and anything else that our members decide to offer!

Members’ offers, requests, and time credit balances are organized through a web‐based software system called Community Weaver, developed by Time Banks USA. We also have office hours with coordinators ready to help you connect, orient you to the software, and connect offline members with our live bulletin board, filled with current offers and requests.

Our steering committee is currently comprised of six residents: Ofelia Rivera, Sati Ah, Karen Knab, Vanessa Acosta, Tony Damico, and Christine Petit.

We also have two sub-committees focused on In-Reach and Out-Reach.

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